ACSP Computers Planning a Return Trip to Milford, PA

3 years ago, the biggest turning point in ACSP History occurred in the small town of Milford, Pennsylvania.  Prior to releasing a documentary style movie about the Milford Incident, ACSP Computers will be writing a new chapter in the dilemma by returning to the site where it all began (while taking a trip to Tri-States Monument on the PA, NY, NJ border.

ACSP Computers Honored to Sponsor the Applebee’s Drive for Alex’s Lemonade Stand

ACSP Computers is honored to have been a sponsor for this year’s Alex’s Lemonade Stand charity drive at Applebee’s in Wyomissing, PA.

ACSP Computers donated an Android tablet to the cause to be raffled off, along with a coupon for savings on computer services.  Congratulations to the winner!

ACSP IT Mill Center OPEN!

The ACSP IT Mill Center is officially OPEN!  Located at 4 Mill Road, Myerstown, PA, our state-of-the-art office with a rustic decor, fits right into the 200 year old building that houses it.  Located on the campus of Seigfried’s Restaurant Equipment at the intersection of Mill Road, and PA-501, this location really has a homey feel.

Congratulations Dan Blatt, Back-to-Back ACSP Cup Winner!



Daniel G. Blatt has become the second person to win back-to-back ACSP Cup awards.  For the first time since James Miller, jr., did a three-peat in 2010, 2011, and 2012, the ACSP Cup has been awarded to the same person in back-to-back years.

Dan demonstrated impressive talent as an ACSP Computers partner during the 2016-17 partnership year, and has demonstrated that he ranks among the top of ACSP Computers personnel members.  Thank you Dan, and congratulations for your excellent service!

Happy End of Life WINDOWS VISTA!

All support for Windows Vista has finally ended.  What started out as anticipated excitement for some awaiting its release 10 years ago, within moments turned into misery and despair with performance and stability issues with what was actually an operating system that pioneered today’s technology.

With the introduction of Windows Aero, and the intense system requirements at the time of its release, Windows Vista rewrote the standard for today’s technology, and spear-headed a massive year-by-year upgrade to OEM specs of processors, graphics, and what is considered low-end vs high-end specs in computers at the present time each year.

We wish Windows Vista to rest in peace gracefully!

Windows End of Life Fact Sheet